Information about DolMark


About DolMark

As collectors ourselves, we created DolMark to facilitate the entire searching, selling and buying experience for those people with our same passion. There's not a marketplace that gathers geek collectors, both buyers and sellers, in a single channel.

For buyers, looking for a statue is often annoying: they have to ask in many groups if anyone has a specific product, and they often do not receive any answer. Both buyers and sellers have to ask for references in the comments to sell/buy safely. Sellers have to post their products in different groups and comment on their own post to bump them up at the top.

Through filters or the search bar, finding the item has never been easier for buyers; after each transaction, it is possible to rate the other user, all to make future transactions and the community environment safer; for sellers, listing items is quick and easy, without having to create multiple posts on different pages.

With DolMark you can easily find other collectors in a single channel to search, buy and sell statues, busts, action figures, art prints, comics and memorabilia you want to add to your collection!

Please, feel free to contact us by giving your feedback to improve our marketplace.